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DD Radost, o.p.s.
DD Radost, o.p.s.


holky2.jpgWe´re often asked why we have decided to set up a family-type children´s home. The answer isn´t easy because our feelings and emotions played a big part in the decision process. It all began a couple of years ago when we visited a little private children´s home of family type in Korkyne.

We were a bit afraid and uncertain about how to behave towards,treat and make first contacts with children. Luckily, reality contradicted our initial expectations. We were surprised to find that the children were just like our own and we became more worried not about the children´s reactions but our own. The children didn´t cry nor did they crawl all over us and what´s more, we didn´t feel sorry for them any more. We considered them to be as any other normal people.

At that point, we were only a step away from our decision.

Jitka Bendová, Jana Karlovská, Lubomíra Kokešová, Jana Šmejcká


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